This girl is on fire (and not in a good way)
Tunes for Tuesday: Treasure, by Bruno Mars

Less rumbly in the tumbly

Just a quick update: The acid madness seems to have turned a corner and I'm feeling much better. Some things I'm keeping in mind as I plan my meals:

No "giant" anything: No seconds, no huge smoothies, no big salads. I'm staring at my balled-up fist and thinking to myself "nothing bigger than this at mealtime." 

Pass on the hot sauce for now: As much as I adore my Cholula, I'm turning the spicy factor down for the time being.

No coffee all day long: Just one mug in the morning. 

Wheyprotein_vanFind another flavor: All my favorites seem to be acidic -- lemon, tomato, coffee, spicy. So I'm rethinking my meals and going for the vanilla, literally. I made a smoothie this morning with So Delicious Almond Plus, half a frozen banana, a scoop of my new favorite protein powder -- Twinlab Clean Series Whey Protein, in Vanilla Wave. The ingredient list is amazingly short and there's nothing artificial in it, plus a scoop is only 110 calories for 23 grams of whey protein. Impressive, eh? I also added a couple tablespoons of uncooked oats. Oats, you say? Yeah -- they're a great addition to smoothies. They add fiber, thicken the smoothie and at least for me, keep you fuller longer.

I was expecting the rebound reflux but yeesh!