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Lady and the tramp(oline)

After last year's Fitbloggin' I became intrigued with the JumpSport fitness trampolines. So after a particularly large holiday-season discount and some Amazon credit, I bought one last fall.

I put it together, jumped on it a little tentatively and propped it up against a wall in the guest room, where it stayed until a couple weeks ago. 

I was afraid of it.

I had a little mishap with a Bosu ball, flying off it and bruising the crap out of my upper arm so I figured I'd send myself flying off the trampoline.

At this year's Fitbloggin' I told the JumpSport representative that I had a trampoline but was afraid to use it and she decided to help me out with "training wheels."

OK, it's not wheels but a handlebar that attaches to the trampoline so that I have somewhere to grab onto.

The handlebar was waiting for me when I got back from the Pacific Northwest, and I promptly rolled that trampoline back into the bedroom (my exercise sanctuary) and attached the bar, which was simple.


Fitness trampoline
Before and after 'Trampoline Helper.'

 Handlebar in place, I was finally able to do the 30-minute DVD that came with the trampoline -- and like I suspected, it was fun! 

I'm still not flying up in the air or anything but just knowing that I have a place to steady myself makes me more confident to use it, and I plan on adding it as a regular part of my rotation. Not only is it great cardio, it helps with balance, which is crucial in, ahem, older folks.

Sometimes you just have to suck it up and admit that you need help.

Thanks to JumpSport, which provided me a handlebar. (I purchased the trampoline on my own.)