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Scale vacation!

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Greetings from the opposite side of North America. I kinda forgot to weigh in and blog yesterday because I was feverishly doing laundry, triple-locking doors, buying Heat championship T-shirts and basically getting ready to get the heck out of Dodge.

I did manage to jump on the scale this morning:

I could have sworn I weighed less last week, but according to the scale, I didn't and dropped a pound and a dash this week and for that I am grateful and surprised. I've been buzzing around, getting ready for Fitbloggin' and writing a bunch of articles in advance for Examiner, plus I took on a book editing project, which was a great way to spend my time on the plane today. 

So I won't be stepping back on the scale until July 4 (what a way to celebrate!). I'm not worried, though -- I pretty much never gain weight on vacation and usually lose a little. 

Lots of walking, lots of activities, no fridge -- I think I'll do fine.

And now a question: How do you do when you're out of town?