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Friday weigh-ins for the win

When I told the Weight Shrink that I was changing my weigh-in day from Mondays to Fridays, she pooh-pooed it as me making another excuse for bad results on the scale.

But I know my body and I had a feeling that Mondays were a bad idea, given all the "celebratory sodium" over the weekend.

So today, after I got back from my walk (my fourth one this week, adding up to 11.7 miles), I stepped on the scale and reached that number you see above you. That number is significant because in the past, when I'd ramp up my exercise, my hunger would also ramp up, and also my weight.

This week was different -- I battled my demons in the late-night kitchen and took off that weight that bounced back up on Monday, so that I'm lower than I was a couple Mondays ago.

(I know, it's hard to compare weights when I keep changing the weigh-in day, so we'll just go with what you see up there on my Withings chart. I'll be posting that every Friday now.)

Gotta admit, not eating after 9 p.m. is HARD most nights. I'm often really and truly stomach-growling hungry, but I'm eating around 1,500 calories a day so I'm not starving myself or anything. It's just that my physiology has gotten accustomed to the 10 p.m. or so "feeding time at the zoo" and the Pavlovian reflexes are kicking in.

And they stink.

But hey! I like the Friday weigh-ins. The number has me supercharged to continue the good work over the weekend so I don't undo this.

So, in honor of these renewed Get Fit Friday posts, here's a little song for y'all: