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What I do that works

Last week when the scale took a nice jump downward, I decided to focus on all the strategies that came together to make that happen. This week I took my foot off the gas pedal and coasted so I returned to this list today and will make this week just as productive as the week before. 

Funny thing is, while the scale went up 2 pounds, the fat percentage stayed the same, so either I gained a bunch of muscle or have a bad case of "starch bloat," since this past weekend was full of restaurant meals and pizza delivery.

Thought this list might be useful to y'all, so here it is:

MuscleburnsfatWhat Works:

  • Loads more fresh/frozen fruits and vegetables for meals & snacks
  • Big, filling smoothies (check out my Green Monster)
  • A serving of healthy fats at every meal (avocado, nuts, seeds)
  • More water
  • More sleep
  • Less eating late at night
  • Smaller afternoon snack (around 100-125 calories instead of 150-200)
  • Working at night to distract me
  • Spending a little more time prepping meals
  • Journaling (for me it's Weight Watchers Online)
  • Weighing myself twice a week (any more is stressing)
  • Working out whether or not it’s “too late in the day” (too bad!)
  • More weight training (muscle burns fat!)
  • Less stressing about the “right” meal/food/combination

Disclosure: Weight Watchers is providing me three months' online membership, but really, I've been an online member for the past few months, so bonus! People following the Weight Watchers plan can expect to lose 1-2 pounds per week.