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Taco Tuesday goes to rehab

Lately I've been whipping up a batch of tacos on Tuesdays, merely so I can yell "Taco Tuesday!" when someone asks what's for dinner.

Last night was Taco Tuesday and it gave me a chance to try out a new Mrs. Dash taco seasoning product. I had already tried the French onion dip mixed with nonfat Greek yogurt and I was amazed that something so good could have zero sodium. (The Mrs. Dash seasoning packets are brand new, so they may be hard to find.)

Buffalo taco meat
Usually, I use ground turkey breast, but I had some lean ground buffalo in the freezer.

 The taco seasoning was just as impressive and just as sodium free. Besides, once you start dumping on the salsa, guacamole and cheese, you've got plenty of salt in your meal.

Taco toppings
I came up with a way to stretch the guacamole while cutting down on calories. I mixed equal parts guac with salsa verde and no one was the wiser (except me). And instead of loads of cheese, I used a tiny sprinkling of reduced-fat Mexican cheese blend. I put it on the "ground floor" of the taco, to sort of glue the bottom together and keep the whole thing from exploding.

Tomatoes and lime
Since I had already used an ample amount of salsa with the guacamole, I topped the tacos with chopped yellow and red grape tomatoes sprinkled with a couple packets of True Lime granulated lime juice.

Taco tuesday
And voila! (Wait -- how do you say "voila" in Spanish?)