Live-blogging a late-night food craving
Tunes for Tuesday: Everything Reminds Me of My Dog, by Jane Siberry

The Points not taken

Big news -- the scale went down 3 pounds this week!

It hasn't budged in weeks and weeks -- unless you count the psycho see-saw up and down a pound.

But this was a nice chunk o' weight.

What did I do this week that I haven't been doing? Taking those extra Weight Watchers bonus Points (apparently I don't need them). 

I thought I needed them, thought I'd staaaaarve without them.

StrawberriesNope -- I don't. What I needed were more fruits and vegetables.

I spent most of the week making produce-packed, huge smoothies from Harley Pasternak's "Body Reset Diet." I highly recommend the book -- even if you aren't looking to lose weight, the smoothie recipes are worth the cost of the book.

And since fruits and non-starchy vegetables are zero Points, they didn't figure into my allowance for the day. 

Another surprise -- I wasn't hungry, even though I ended many days at or a couple Points below my limit.

Another thing I enacted a few nights ago was shutting down the kitchen at night. I used to allow myself a nighttime snack but I found that I didn't need it this past week. 

Yay for fiber and water!

Disclosure: Weight Watchers is providing me three months' online membership, but really, I've been an online member for the past few months, so bonus! People following the Weight Watchers plan can expect to lose 1-2 pounds per week.