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Wordless Wednesday: Are you getting enough? (Sleep, that is)

Getting enough sleep is one of my goals -- I tend to stay up too late fiddling around on the computer and/or watching TV. Then, I often end up snoozing away the morning. Not very productive! I've been getting better but can definitely make improvements. Check out these stats gathered by BodyMedia. The BodyMedia device tracks sleep quality on people who wear it to bed. (Click on the graphic to enlarge it.)

My way or the highway

My way or the highway
As someone who writes about weight loss for a (ha!) living (OK, grocery money), I get pitches and samples of LOTS of things. And as someone who has a problem with her attention span, I am often tempted to think: "Hey! This might be the one ...


Protein powder


Eating plan

Weight loss 'system'

Web site



Meal delivery service




... that will finally click with me."

It happened again when a huge box showed up at the front door with an assortment of fancy weight-loss meals. I eagerly looked through the selections and the next day I followed the plan. That night, I lay in bed, feeling sad and nervous.

"I don't want to follow their plan. I want to follow my plan! What if all I want for lunch is a Power Crunch bar and an apple? What if I just want a smoothie? Or a bowl of oatmeal?"

So I decided that I would sample the meals but that I would fit them into MY program.

I haven't been following MY program very well, but when I do, I have success. I get easily distracted by all the external sources that find their way to my front door and inbox (all you PR people are doing a bang-up job!).

I know that following someone else's rules works for many people, but it doesn't work for me. I have decades of trying that under my belt (which is diminishing I discovered last week -- went down an inch and a half since the last time I measured my waist).

To quote the great philosopher, Pee-Wee Herman:

Peewee rebelI'm a loaner,


a rebel.



I have to – no, NEED to – do things my way.

Don't get me wrong, I'm not all flitting hummingbird, no rules, freestylin' bohemian. There are some, we'll call them things, I find that work:

  • Repeating certain meals.
  • Using bars and shakes for "no brainer," portion-controlled meals and/or snacks.
  • Knowing when to stop eating for the day by keeping track of my food with Weight Watchers PointsPlus.
  • Making sure I do some sort of workout just about every day.

My process is MY process, and as Bob Harper says:

Believe in yourself, trust the process, change forever.

I don’t know which is tougher – trusting the process or believing in myself. When I look at the overall track record, there’s not much to believe in. So instead, I’ll pluck out those times when I am successful and build on those.