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DIY organic pizza as easy as pie

Rustic crust pizza
Feast your eyes on my (sorta) homemade Oscar-Night Pizza.

Rustic Crust Organic Pizza LogoWhen I was pregnant, one of my go-to foods was homemade pizza with a little bit of cheese and a whole lot of fresh tomato slices. I was craving that so much that I kept a stack of premade pizza crusts in the kitchen at all times.

If you keep the pizza components at the ready in your kitchen, it can be quicker than a delivery pie (and cheaper and healthier).

It can even be organic.

Rustic Crust wanted to know whether I would check out its line of pizza crusts, and that was a no-brainer -- I regularly buy them and appreciate the fact that it offers an organic crust, made without artificial preservatives, trans fats, hydrogenated oils, GMOs, or added sugar. It also has gluten-free and whole grain crusts in its line as well as a "clean" pizza sauce.

Last night's pizza was a nod to my love of vegetables and my guys' love of pepperoni. I had some reduced-fat Italian blend shredded cheese already in the fridge, and I picked up some sliced portobellos, part-skim ricotta and Applegate uncured pepperoni (only 20 calories for a huge piece) at the grocery store.

After I squirted out the sauce (Rustic Crust's come in pizza-sized pouches), I added just a few dollops of ricotta and swirled it into the sauce. Then I added the shredded cheese, pepperoni and finally the mushrooms. Super-quick and really tasty.

Two slices of my Oscar-Night Pizza added up to 470 calories (1/3 of the pizza), which isn't bad for a pepperoni-ricotta-portobello pizza. Just for comparison, I checked for a similarly topped pizza, and it was twice the calories.

You can find Rustic Crust products at most grocery stores and some natural food stores. You also can buy its products online. And if you click on the Rustic Crust logo, you can print out a $1-off coupon.

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post for Rustic Crust.