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Carol does Nutrisystem: The most important meal

NS Donut
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Nutrisystem breakfasts are varied. My usual selection has been the cranberry orange pastry or the toasted "O's" cereal.  Recent additions to the program are the chocolate frosted doughnut and cinnamon roll.  Which begs the question, "If I'm on a weight loss program, why would I be indulging in a chocolate frosted doughnut or a cinnamon roll?"  The answer? Because I can.

Granted, the doughnut is not what one would get from a doughnut store, and the cinnamon roll is far from the ones sold at the mall... BUT, they are a decent facsimile. That, and a container of fat free Greek yogurt completes my breakfast.  

NS_Breakfast_PattyWhat I have been missing, however is protein.  Good, clean protein.  For breakfast there is a maple flavored pork breakfast patty (tastes good too).  For dinner, there are grilled chicken breast portions, which I have with a big salad.  Every so often though, I really crave a piece of fresh fish.  

But for portion control, convenience and portability, Nutrisystem can't be beat. 

Disclaimer: I have been selected to participate in the Nutrisystem NSNation blogger program. For three months, I will receive the food free of charge to help facilitate my honest review. No other compensation will be received.