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Serious as a (silent) heart attack

I was involved in a car accident at the end of August.  I went to the Cleveland Clinic to get checked out.  My blood pressure was high in the paramedic truck immediately after the accident (go figure) and I wanted to get checked out.  I went to the Cleveland Clinic's ER --  EKG, x-rays all were fine.  But, this accident got me to thinking, it's time to take care of me again.  Over due for my physical, over due for my mammogram, lady doctor visit, blood pressure re-evaluation... time to take care of the person taking care of everyone else.

image from healthservices.fiu.eduOver the summer, I fired my previous physician's office, for dropping all of the loose ends. I went to 
go pick up a prescription for my blood pressure meds, and they moved. I never got notice of the move.  Last straw for me. I made an appointment at the Cleveland Clinic.  Today was my appointment.  LOVELY office staff... attentive, pleasant and all-around awesome.  I met my physician and she was reviewing my history and brought up the EKG and x-rays from the visit to the ER after my accident.  She asked me, "do you have a history of heart disease?" to which I answered "no." She then explained to me that my EKG showed evidence of a previous mild heart attack OR could have been an anomoly from where/how they placed the leads... still, enough to get my heart racing... and to get me thinking... "could you actually have a heart attack and not have any symptoms?"  The doctor answered "yes."  Women can have "silent heart attacks."   HOLY CRAP!  If that is indeed the case, so be it.  I will be treated as a "cardiac patient."  But I won't act like one.

I wanted my new doctor to "kick me in the ass" about getting serious about my health and diet, and even if this was an EKG anomoly, it was a major "kick in the ass" for me.  

I picked up my new blood pressure meds, then stopped at the leasing office where I live and purchased a new pass card for the exercise room here on-site.

Up next for me: blood work, stress test, mammogram, lady doctor visit and a visit with a clinical dietician.