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Prop 37 companies support
You really need to check out the Cornucopia Institute. They made this poster.

In California next month, voters will decide the fate of Proposition 37, which will mandate GMO labeling on foods. And as the old saying goes, as goes California, so goes the nation.

Don't you want to know what's in your food, or more specifically, what your food is? A couple years back, I wrote about genetically-engineered salmon bred to grow bigger and faster than conventional salmon. I don't know about you, but I don't want to ingest anything with "bigger, faster" attributes. I don't need "bigger, faster" -- I'd like a heapin' helpin' of "smaller, faster," please.

The reason I'm posting the above poster is to show the "axis of weasel" on the left -- the seemingly tree-huggy companies that are making sure Prop. 37 doesn't pass. Back in the day, Larabar, White Wave and yes, even Kashi were independently owned, small companies. But they were soon bought up by monster food conglomerates who are more concerned with making a buck than making wholesome food (yeah, I said it).

Staying away from genetically modified organisms (that's what GMO stands for, yummy) just makes sense. There are no large long-term studies on what fiddled-with foods can do to humans. (There are some animal studies, and they're freakin' scary.) I just prefer not to eat somebody's science experiment. How 'bout you?

Yes, eating organic is more expensive than conventional foods, but if you can afford it, doesn't it make sense to eat the most "un-fiddled with" version? Find an organic farmers' market, look for organics on sale at Whole Foods and your local grocery store. Know what the Dirty Dozen are and focus on those.