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Unplugged and plugged in

See all those food photos? This is what I've been doing the past couple weeks. Well, that and hooking up a new TV and transforming my Windows Vista laptop into a Windows 8 wonderland (kinda).

The TV stuff and Windows 8 stuff took up a few days and frankly turned me off from doing anything extra on the computer, including blogging.

But, now that the IT situation in the house is all squared away (3-word review of Windows 8: cute but confusing), I can tell you what all those food photos are.

I'm doing the Stefan Pinto C Diet, which is a Facebook-based way to become more accountable over what you eat.

If you don't know Stefan, he lost a bunch of weight and turned himself from an out-of-shape IT dude into a male model.

Every meal, every snack, even your morning glass of water -- all of it gets snapped with your camera phone and sent to a special e-mail address where it'll appear in photo albums on the C Diet Facebook page and on other pages.

Stefan will also comment on the photos and let you know if you made good choices or if, perhaps, you're on some sort of cheese bender.

Another great perk to the plan is that you get free coupons and products from the plan's supporting brands, which include (among others): Chobani Greek yogurt, Navitas Naturals, Beanitos and Pure Bars.

What I like best about this is that it's not a "diet" at all -- it's a way to become more accountable. If last night's dinner was a bag of cheesy puffs and a 2-liter bottle of diet soda, would you want anyone to know that? So, in theory, you'll make yourself a more healthy "presentable" meal, especially if a bunch of people are going to see it (at least that's how it works for me).

I've lost a teeny bit of weight the past couple weeks but I need to get more consistent with water drinking and step up the exercise. But even though the scale hasn't budged much, I can barely keep my wedding ring on, so there's weight coming off from somewhere!