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Carol does Nutrisystem: Eater's block

I've been stumped about what to blog about.  I've settled into my routine of grabbing a breakfast and lunch and heading out the door to work... a no-brainer.  I really enjoy the simplicity of meal planning with the Nutrisystem foods. I ate all of the Chef's Table entrees and was very pleased with them.   I ate them at lunch time for convenience and can't wait to order more.

Red beans and rice

Since I have eaten most of the frozen entrees, it was time to go onto the shelf-stable selections.  I have discovered my three favorites: Red beans and rice, tuna salad, and chicken salad.

I grab a side salad and a slice of pumpernickel bread and I'm set for lunch.  I really enjoy the portability and all of the space the foods have freed up in my lunch bag.

Next blog post, I'll be reviewing the snack/dessert options.

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Disclaimer: I have been selected to participate in the Nutrisystem NSNation blogger program. For three months, I will receive the food free of charge to help facilitate my honest review. No other compensation will be received.