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Desserts for Dessert

In most weight loss systems, desserts are forbidden -- or they're a melange of artificial flavors and sweeteners... I'm of the mindset that if it doesn't taste good, I'll just go without.  I won't eat a sugar-free fat-free cheesecake, just because it's "safe."  I'd rather not eat it at all -- go without that nasty aftertaste that a lot of the artificial sweeteners leave in my mouth.

Nutrisystem has some amazing desserts in their repertoire.  From pudding to cookies; cake to ice cream sandwiches; candy bars to cheese curls (snacks and desserts share the same classification, but this post is on the SWEETS)!

Ice Cream Sandwich
Naturally, I am a huge fan of the frozen novelties -- ice cream sandwiches and orange creamsicles are my most favority faves, and I am a big fan of the peppermint/chocolate patty.  Not so enticing to me were the 3 chocolate sandwich cookies.  I was excited to see three "oreo" type cookies.  I got thru the first one, but it was difficult to finish the other two.  I go back to my earlier statement...

I'm down 2 more pounds this week -- very easy... Now to get motivated to step it up at the gym!

Next blog post, I'll be reviewing the breakfast options.

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