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How to turn an ugly jicama into something awesome

Chef's Table at the picnic table

I'm on Nutrisystem, and finished week 2.  Although my scale moved only half a pound (wine and cheese party last Friday), the food kept me motivated. I've been having dinners at lunchtime, which gives me a larger portion of food when I need it and it's very satisfying.

Butternut squash ravioli nsThe Chef's Table line of frozen dinners are amazing! I wish there was a more amazing word than amazing to describe not only the taste of these meals but the aroma as well.  Last week I had the butternut squash ravioli, which, when microwaved in a school breakroom, emitted the most beautiful fragrance that had my co-workers asking what I was eating.

Arroz con poll nsToday, I had the Chef's Table arroz con pollo, which again, made my co-workers' tastebuds kick into overdrive. When I opened the steam-bag at the picnic table, I was  impressed with the amount of chicken, and once again with the flavor.  

In late August I had a car accident and my car was totaled. I stopped exercising because I didn't want to exacerbate any muscular issues I had from the accident.

But I got the OK to start exercising again from my doctor, and I'm going to take full advantage.  My trainer Sara is as excited for me to start up again as I am. Time to fire up the Fitbit again.

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Disclaimer: I have been selected to participate in the Nutrisystem NSNation blogger program. For three months, I will receive the food free of charge to help facilitate my honest review. No other compensation will be received.