Tunes for Tuesday: Brokenhearted, by Karmin
Tunes for Tuesday: Lessons in Love, by Kaskade, feat. Neon Trees

September? Already?

Been busy with back-to-school, tropical storm nonsense, freelance stuff and lots of deep thinking about what I put into my pie hole.

Next thing I know, it’s Labor Day. How’d that happen? And where’s my miraculous summer weight loss?

Long story short, I’ve stayed the same on the scale all summer, but I’ve made strides in the workout component. The past couple weeks, I’ve worked out at least 4 days a week with half those days being strength training. And I think my weight is finally catching up to my knees – they’re starting to bug me and they’ve never bugged me before. But I have a solution for that …

Losing weight.

Finally, the “oh, crap” moment I’ve been waiting for.

Less weight on me = less weight on joints.

The Lighten-Up program that I’ve been following the past few weeks has also shown me that real, natural whole food is what we should be eating to nourish us, and I’ve been ditching the prepackaged diet food.  I’ve discovered you can have some really substantial meals when your food doesn’t come from a bag or box.


Guac fried egg sammy
Guacamole: It's what's for breakfast.

The photo above is a breakfast I came up with last week. I toasted a piece of Ezekiel bread, spread a 100-calorie pack of Wholly Guacamole on it and placed an egg on top, cooked in a half-teaspoon of coconut oil and doused liberally with cracked black pepper. C’mon, a fried egg atop a guacamole-slathered piece of toast? That sounds totally decadent, doesn’t it? Yet the whole thing has only 270 glorious, satisfying calories.


There were other times when I kept adding “real food” to my meals, adding the calories in my head and discovering that those meals went a long way to keeping me full and happy.

FitbookAnd after I’d work that all out in my head, I put it to paper – in my Fitbook, which I returned to last week. There are plenty of good, free websites and phone apps out there, but to me, nothing beats the act of writing it down and adding it up. So welcome back, Fitbook!

And since I’m eating clean, whole healthy foods and working out regularly, something else has to give to get the scale to move – I think it’s the calories. Boo.

I’ve been averaging around 1,600-ish a day, which apparently is perfect for maintaining my sturdy 238-pound physique. Sucks, doesn’t it, for your body to be so darn efficient at maintaining that much weight at that few calories.

So, I’m thinking 1,400 is what to shoot for, and because of that, I’ll be leaning on my friends in the produce bin more than ever as well as my vast collection of interesting water bottles.

Get the excess weight off when you’re young, kiddies, or this will happen to you, too.