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Care to jump off a plateau with me?

Carol does Nutrisystem: Week 1

The food came in two boxes -- I felt pity for the Fedex courier who had to bring them up two flights of stairs. One box, shelf-stable breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks, the other a large foam cooler filled with frozen meals and snacks, and most fun of all, DRY ICE!

This is my second foray into Nutrisystem.  I lost 20lbs two years ago and I know the success I can reach.  This shipment contained Chef's Table frozen meals which are amazing.  I usually swap dinner and lunch, having the larger meal at lunchtime, and after one week I haven't been disappointed.

AND... I lost 4.9 lbs the first week. WHAT???!!!  Yup... I lost weight.  What a concept for me.  Watch what you eat, and kaboom! You LOSE the lbs!

So happy with the program again.  I've revisited eating small meals throughout the day; I don't feel hungry, I don't overeat.  I'm proud to be part of the NSNation!

I will be blogging weekly, on my Wednesday weigh-ins ... Weighing in on weight, the food, and anything else on my mind.

Follow me on twitter -- @martorella; I'll be tweeting my daytime lunches and giving you quick reviews of the food.

Disclaimer: I have been selected to participate in the Nutrisystem NSNation blogger program. For three months, I will receive the food free of charge to help facilitate my honest review. No other compensation will be received.