What's worse: Nagging injury or nagging myself? It's a tossup
This is my summer -- the summer of Carol

Introducing ... Shrinking Sisters Summer Spectacular!

I've been following the progress of a bunch of women on a cable TV "ladyshow" who are being whipped into shape with various trainers and weight-loss products and thought to myself "Yeesh! Carol and I are way more entertaining than these stiffs!"

So sis and I decided that we're going to do our very own summer series, with some blogging, some vlogging and some slogging through the summer heat.

Shrinkingsisterssummer2012We call it the Shrinking Sisters Summer Spectacular! because it has a lot of S's in it. And it's summer. And we're spectacular. (And I made a logo.)

We'll be updating twice a week -- Carol on Mondays and me on Fridays -- with our food, fitness and mental progress. We're hoping we can impart some tips, recipes and other nuggets of wisdom from our "Summer of George."

I got a headstart, losing 5 pounds in the past two weeks by doing Nutrisystem Monday through Friday and my own thing on the weekends. That "five days on, two days not on" seems to be the right fit for me -- if there's something I want to eat that's not on my weekday plan, I can fit it in on the weekends -- if I still want it. I also like the meal automation of the Nutrisystem food -- the night before, I choose my meals and snack and I've got a plan for the day ahead.