Friday update: Tale from the scale and a Fitbit of news
Tunes for Tuesday: Barbra Streisand, by Duck Sauce

Fun with Fitbit

Gail and I received Fitbits last week.  She received the blue one and I, of course, got the pink one ... and the race is on.

Shrinkingsisterssummer2012What I am loving about this little clip are many things.  I am "competing" with Gail on my fitbit dashboard, wanting to best her total steps, and today, for instance, showing her up with my first "stairs" badge, climbing 10 flights of stairs. 

This little gem even lets me know my quality of sleep -- the first night I learned that I was "awakened" 8 times during the night (I knew of one time), and that I'm averaging 93 percent sleep effectiveness.

Fitbit wirelessly sends data to the site when I just walk past my computer... Pretty neat.  

You can even request to follow me on Facebook with your fitbit.  You can watch my progress and keep me accountable.

When I came home from work today and saw that I was just 300 steps shy of my 5,000 badge level, I went out and kicked it up... had to score that badge...

Follow along with me and my fitbit.

Fitbit provided Gail and Carol Fitbit Ultras for the Shrinking Sisters Summer Spectacular.