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Fun with Fitbit

Friday update: Tale from the scale and a Fitbit of news

Shrinkingsisterssummer2012It's my first official weigh-in for our Summer Spectacular, and despite not working out much, I still got rid of a pound. (I don't lose pounds because I'm good at finding things.)

And since my Weight Shrink told me I should be completely accountable in my updates, I'll be posting my actual weight every week. This week it's:


Which is great, because a few weeks ago it was over 240.

Basketball snack
My NBA Finals snack last night.

Food: Really loving the five-day-a-week Nutrisystem plan. It's so much easier to stay on a plan when you know you can go "not on" on the weekends. (I'm not going off because that just sounds too reckless.) I've been loading up on vegetables to supplement the food, and my SmartCarbs have mostly been fresh fruit instead of starchy, bready things. I also checked out another healthy option at the Marlins game last weekend -- the black bean veggie burger, which was pretty good. At the old ballpark, the veggie burgers came out of a freezer and they tasted like an old freezer. These veggie burgers are made on-site and they're really nice. I also packed a South Beach Diet 100-calorie bar, which kinda melted in my bag since the AC wasn't working too well in our section of the stadium.

Gail treadmill
Me on the treadmill yesterday, feeling strong.

Fitness: I'll spare you the frustrating details, but I just got back from having my knee checked out by the sports medicine pros at Cleveland Clinic Florida -- because I'm an athlete! A weight-loss athlete! (thanks, Pete Cohen for that phrase). I went to after-hours care last week after I felt a bit of popping in my knee, after getting up on a stool. It had been feeling much better after resting it a couple of days so I thought it was back to normal. The doctor, an internist, basically made sure I didn't blow out anything and said I had a strain.


After resting it for a weekend, I walked for an hour on Monday and Tuesday it was sore again.

This is unacceptable! I have some butt kicking to do!

Hence, the doctor appointment. I need to get back to working out regularly because while abs are made in the kitchen, endorphins are made with exercise.

Today, I had a slew of X-rays and the doctor came back and said "arthritis." Boo! But he did give me a bunch of exercises to do and said I could do whatever exercise I could bear. So hello, Aleve!

I did join my sister at her apartment gym for a little workout yesterday -- I wanted to see what worked and what didn't. The elliptical didn't feel good (go figure!) but the treadmill did. And the hamstring/quad machine felt great.

Fitbit joins the team

Fitbit button150Carol and I will be using the Fitbit to track our progress. The company sent us two Fitbit Ultras (I got blue; Carol got pink) to use for our Summer Spectacular. I have tried pretty much every fitness tracker on the planet, and what I love about this one is how unobtrusive it is (I'm wearing it right now and you can't even see it!). It's also very easy to use, the online interface is great (and FREE) and it even has a sense of humor. I picked up the Fitbit after I had taken a shower yesterday and it greeted me with a "HOWDY" on the electronic display.

We'll be getting into more about the Fitbit in future updates.

Fitbit provided Gail and Carol Fitbit Ultras for the Shrinking Sisters Summer Spectacular.