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Calories: A cautionary tale

My son is a typical 16-year old boy... Home from school this summer and building a computer... While I'm at work I know that he can feed himself at home with a plethora af easy to prepare meals.

Today I was at the grocery store looking for some frozen entrees for my boy... There was a promotion going on with frozen pizzas... Being the good mom, I was looking for the pizzas with the lowest calorie count.  Cheese pizza -- 360 calories per serving... Four meat pizza 300 calories per serving...

FOR JUST A QUICK SECOND I was fooled... as I was considering purchasing the lower calorie four meat pizza, I took a second look at the cheese pizza... the cheese pizza at 360 calories per serving had 4 servings in the pizza.  The sneaky four meat pizza which had 300 calories per serving had 5 servings.

I realized that the ENTIRE cheese pizza had 1,440 calories while the four meat pizza had 1,500 calories...

Take the time to do the math... don't let the food manufacturers lull you into a false sense of caloric intake.

Stay in charge -- take the time -- do the math.

* * *

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