Tunes for Tuesday: I Feel Better, by Gotye
Working muscles for what feels like the first time ever

Escape from Lazy Town!

Lazytown with gail
We're long past the Nickelodeon shows in our household (I miss me some 'toons!), but Lazy Town was one of my favorites. The Icelandic import had a great message for the kiddies: Get off your butts and do something!

The past couple of weeks, I have been the Queen of Lazy Town (you can see me reigning over my kingdom in the Photoshop monstrosity above). The constant keeping my eye on the ball and obsession with weight loss can get tiring, especially when you've been doing it for 40 (yup, yup) years.

So, even though I've been tracking my food in SparkPeople and getting in three to four days of workouts, my head has not been in the game. And when that happens I don't lose weight -- not one ounce. But I don't gain either, so at least there's that.

So today, I'm leaving Lazy Town and getting back on track. I'm going to get back to working out every weekday and giving myself the weekends off from deliberate exercise. If some sneaks in over the weekend, then it's a bonus.

And I need to cut back on the calories, which I find difficult because I don't lose weight at 1,500 calories (sucks!). That means smaller meals and fewer and smaller snacks. So I'll be hitting the (water) bottle more often to stifle the growling stomach.

I reminded myself this morning that not that many years ago I was stuck at 260 pounds and now I'm stuck in the 230s so there has been some progress.

But if I want to see new progress, I need to buy a one-way ticket away from Lazy Town.