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The Distracted Girl's Guide to Exercise


Workout calendar

Don't get me wrong, I really enjoy exercising. It's sticking to a program that is my Achilles heel. Every time I print out a rotation calendar for a fitness program or get a "30 days to something or other" DVD, my mind starts to wander after less than a week.

 So I came up with my own rotation. It provides three days of cardio, two days of resistance, a day of something "stretchy" and a rest day. I've written these broad terms on my calendar for the month of February and when I complete it, I get a check mark. (I need to buy myself some shiny stars.) Here's how it goes:


I have to start the week running. It usually provides my best calorie burn of the week and it's a symbolic way to "hit the ground running." This Monday, the day started off rainy but I waited for the clouds to part somewhat and jogged through the drizzle. Makes you feel extra badass.

TUESDAY: Weights

This can be something like ChaLean Extreme, a Jackie Warner DVD, or something else involving weights, resistance bands or a body-weight workout (lunges, squats, etc.). I did Jackie's 30-Day Fast Start one day last week, and her pyramid style routine killed my upper body ... but in a good way.


The category is wide open for anything dancy -- Zumba, Jazzercise, Hip-Hop Abs, or a Wii or Xbox workout like Dance Central or Just Dance. (I just got Just Dance 3, and while it may look like a video game, my BodyMedia FIT tells me it's also a great way to torch calories.) I recently got Jazzercise Burlesque and it's a fun, flirty workout (but don't let your kid catch you doing it; he'll be mortified for life.)


Same thing as Tuesday but it doesn't have to be the same workout.


This can be a kickboxing-intensive workout like Turbo Jam or something from Billy Blanks. His PT 24/7 is a great new set with such good instruction that I FINALLY figured out how to do a proper side kick. I also absolutely love the DVD that came with Robert Ferguson's Food Lovers Fat Loss program. Robert is a really fun and motivating workout leader and he has a good kickboxing workout. It might be hard to find but there are a few sellers on Amazon that offer it.


This is either yoga or a stretching DVD. I especially like Ashley Turner's yoga workouts, and Tamilee Webb's Total Stretch for Beginners DVD is a classic that has two separate stretching programs.


When I mean "off" I don't mean sacking out on the couch. My Sundays usually involve grocery shopping and laundry, so there's a little somethin-somethin for activity.