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Water: A glug story


Glass of water
That's a pretty glass of water ... now, drink 10 of them.

Water is not my favorite drink. If I had my druthers (mmmm, druthers...) I'd swig Coca-Cola all day -- full sugar, full caffeine. But I don't. That's just crazy.

Aside from my morning massive mug of coffee, I drink water, and I have to force myself to get it down because, you see, I am a camel. I'm never thirsty. But my scale that measures everything shows that I'm in serious need of water.

So how do I get my water in? I glug it. No dainty sipping, no "put it in a pretty glass with a lemon wedge" trick. Instead, I swig it like a frat boy at a kegger.


I need a big ol' water bottle with a proper "guzzling nozzle." My fave is a 32-ounce Rubbermaid bottle with a flip top. In fact, Rubbermaid refers to it as the Chug Bottle (at right). Nice thing about it is that it's readily available, BPA-free and cheap, so you can keep a few of them around and filled. You just flip the top and chug away. It also fits nicely in most car cup holders.

So you've got the bottle and the water. Now I'll tell you what I put in the water. If I'm working out, I can easily drink it plain. But if I'm at my desk or watching TV I need a little something. Right now I have a packet of Emergen-C and a heaping spoonful of pink lemonade Metamucil in my bottle.

Metamucil serves a few purposes:

  • Pysllium fiber is great for improving your cholesterol. The gelatinous fiber pulls the bad stuff out of your system.
  • It's also good for adding a boost of fiber, which can help make you feel fuller.
  • The slightly "gloopy" texture of the water makes it go down quicker, and isn't that what we're after? It literally gallops down your throat.

In the evening, my water of choice is another quart with a packet of Crystal Light Pure lemonade flavor (I'm all about the lemons). It provides just enough sweeteness to make the water interesting, and Crystal Light Pure is made with stevia and sugar so there aren't any artificial sweeteners or colors. Yeah, it has 30 calories per packet but it's totally worth it.

My goal is at least two of those Chug Bottles. If I get three, that's awesome (and 12 glasses, BTW). If that seems like a lot of water, you actually get used to it after awhile.

Do you have any tricks for cramming down the water?

While you're thinking, here's the latest HealthBuzz video: