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Tunes for Tuesday: Love is Gone, by David Guetta

This can't wait 'til Tuesday: Grab our mix!

Wogging mixI've written before about Rock My Run, that great site where you can download running mixes. Well, I'm mentioning them again because we have our own mix! I even designed the "cover" for it.

Live today is my Wogging My World mix -- and you can download it for free. It's a combo of Tunes for Tuesday picks plus a few favorites from my iPod workout faves, expertly mixed by DJ Riggz, aka Adam Riggs-Zeigen, founder of Rock My Run. (It had been called Wog My World but a commenter noted that the word "wog" is an offensive term in some countries, so we changed it. Who knew? Obviously, me.)

Consider it my Christmas present to you! Happy wogging!