Great Gobs of Goo
Motivation Monday: Tony-Tony-Tony has done it again

Back to the familiar

A year ago in November, I went on Nutrisystem and lost some weight, and learned how to eat out of a box. dropped 30 lbs, but after 3 months, lost steam and gained back 20 lbs.  

The life-long battle of the bulge is a constant in my life.  I didn't wake up and find myself at this weight.  What I have learned is HOW to lose weight.  What I need to do (and not do) in order to lose weight.  What has worked for me and what has failed.  Sparkpeople-icon 

Today, I'm going back to the old and familiar. The tried and true. Calorie counting and making smart food choices.  And what will take me there is Sparkpeople.  

I am making myself (and my food journal entries) public to everyone... so count
 along with me... i_am_carol on Sparkpeople.