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Produce of the Month: Campari tomatoes

Campari tomatoes
Who needs a candy dish?

I'll bet you were thinking: November ... Produce of the Month ... why the heck is she writing about tomatoes?

Sure I could go all brussels sprouts or gourds but I am in love with Campari tomatoes, especially this time of year. All those juicy heirloom tomatoes are gone, and grocery stores are full of those tasteless, gas-bag hockey puck barely red tomatoes from my fair state of Florida. But look a little harder and you'll find plastic clamshells of Campari tomatoes, either from the U.S. or Canada.

Huge difference!

Campari tomatoes got their start in European greenhouses, then Canada started growing them and now they're being grown in the United States, too. And since they're grown in greenhouses, they're free of pesticides (as best as I can find). They're also consistently sweet, juicy, ripe and really flavorful.

They're about the size of a ping pong ball -- smaller than a salad tomato and bigger than a cherry tomato.

I keep a bowl of them on my kitchen counter all the time, and will often eat one as a snack. My favorite way to snack on them is to slice them and sprinkle them with "fancy-pants" sea salt flakes and True Lime powdered lime juice. Or you can cut them in half and stuff 'em with a teaspoon of hummus.

Kids love 'em too. My 11-year-old niece frequently will chow down on a handful of them when she comes over.

And hey, if you're craving an autumnal veggie, check out Roni's Green Lite Bites post on butternut squash. Turns out I was doing it all wrong. I was even tossing out the seeds when I could have been roasting them!

Oh, what else ...

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