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Ladies and gentlemen ... PRE. BABY. WEIGHT.

I said I would post as soon as I hit it, and this morning, after sleeping in a Ben & Jerry's tie-dyed Wavy Gravy T-shirt, I stepped on the scale and there it was:


I haven't seen that number since before I got pregnant -- 1997, to be exact. (Yes, the baby is a teenager.) In fact, it's even a half pound less than pre-baby weight.


Yes, I do believe I deserve the applause from the fancy people. This 30 pounds from the all-time high was damn hard. But I feel like I'm over a really big hump. Onward and downward.

Thank you, Bob Harper and Richard Simmons, for making my recent California trip memorable and more active.

Bob harper and me at blogher Richard and me










Thank you, also, to my Weight Shrink, who is helping me work on the most important piece of the puzzle -- the weight between my ears. (And she knows what she's talking about -- she's down more than 120 pounds and super close to her goal weight.)

Also, thanks Weight Watchers Online. I recently decided to go back to it when the scale stalled. Like the Lose It app, it also counts down my tally for the day, but I think the calorie count is a little better in line for me. Also, I can now use its awesome Android app to look foods up on the go.

To celebrate, I'm lacing up my shoes and going for a big long walk. Because I don't want the scale to jump back up. This moment has been 14 years in the making and I'm not screwing it up. Plus I still have a ways to go.