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Returning to what works

My weight has been having too much fun on the see-saw the past week, so I thumbed back in my Fitbook to see what I was eating when it was working well. Here are just a few things that were keeping me full and losing weight:

  • Nuts
  • Almond butter
  • Protein shakes
  • Cheese sticks
  • Oatmeal
  • Fish
  • Perfect Foods bars
  • Guacamole
  • Full-size Dove bars

Yeah, you read that one correctly -- every night for three days, I enjoyed a "real" 250-calorie ice cream bar. Was it the fat, the amount of calories, the dark chocolate, the perfectly happy and satisfied feeling that kept me out of the kitchen? Could be.

OK, aside from that (or not...), the list is heavy on healthy fats, protein and fiber. I often feel like I need to cut the fat to make the scale move but that tends to backfire on me.

PFB_fruit_nut Those Perfect Foods bars were fantastic meal replacements. They were around 300 calories with at least 10 grams of plant-based fats and around 15 grams of protein. So I'm off to buy a bunch of them (FYI, they're on sale at Fresh Market stores, two for $3). Biggest Loser trainer Bob Harper (name-dropping alert!) turned me on to the bars at the BlogHer conference. The fine folks at Perfect Foods -- a small, family-run company in San Diego -- sent me a few to sample and Bob was right. They're filling, dense and really yummy. They're so bereft of preservatives and so full of good ingredients, the company suggests you store them in the fridge for optimum freshness.

I think I've been relying on too many carbs this past week. Fruit is good for you but not when you're jamming bowls of cherries down every night. Think I'll stick to lower glycemic fruits instead (berries, citrus).

Because while it does boil down to calories in-calories out, the type of calories can make a difference in what shuts off the hungry bear inside. Fat tends to do that with me, but wrapping my head around eating more fat can sometimes be hard, undoing a lifetime of believing the opposite.

Wordless Wednesday: 'Lox' and loaded

Lox and loaded

OK, so it's salmon, not lox. But this little breakfast baby is just under 300 calories. I used a 110-calorie bagel (Kim's Light Bagels, which I got from QVC), 2 tablespoons of Weight Watchers cream cheese, a couple ounces of leftover salmon, red onion and tomatoes. (Capers would be awesome, too, if I had any.) And served on a Batman and Robin plate, it's a meal of superhero proportions.

Get Fit Friday: Winners, HealthBuzz and a countdown

First up, congrats to Erika, for winning the Publix gift card on Shrinking Sisters Reviews, and to Mendy, for winning the Subway gift card. We've got some other healthy giveaways coming up, so stay tuned (or whatever you do with a blog).

Next, our pals at Diets In Review offer up a healthy living news roundup every week with their HealthBuzz videos, which we'll be sharing every week. This week's Buzz is all about back-to-school tips.

And thirdly, we had a little blip on the scale last week, but we've rebounded strong and are 1 pound away from the long-awaited PRE-BABY WEIGHT. I am shooting for smashing that number over the next few days (yes, a holiday weekend) because I'm crazy like that.

Anyone else struggling with pre-baby weight? (Y'know, I just wrote that sentence but realized I wasn't "struggling" anymore!)

But how not to wreck the plan with a Labor Day cookout? Easy, I'm planning on lots of grilled vegetables and perhaps a little charred shrimp on the barbie. Doesn't that sound great? Portobello caps, zucchini and red onion on the grill are fantastic.

Also planning on hitting the gym all weekend and Labor Day. I may take the day off of work, but I'm not taking the day off from being healthy. Am I right? Whoo! High five, up top!


And here's this week's HealthBuzz: