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Motivation Monday: Don't be a fraud

"This week I'd like you to be as honest with your food diary as you are with your blog."

Earlier in my weekly visit with the Weight Shrink, I had mentioned that my husband walked in the kitchen one night last week right at the moment I was shoving a spoonful of honey in my mouth.

"What are you doing, mainlining syrup?" he asked.

Deer_headlights"No!" I answered. (Because I wasn't, it was honey.)

Total deer-in-headlights moment.

I was waiting for the water to boil while I made a cup of peppermint tea, and it was organic wildflower honey that was going into my tea and it was so good, and ...

Flash-forward to today: "So did that honey go in your food diary?" my Weight Shrink asked.

No, it didn't, I replied. It was, uh, incidental.

I had also told her about the two big kudos Shrinking Sisters had gotten this past week. The first was inclusion on the list 100 Women Bloggers You Should Be Reading, from Olivia Hayes of Ignite Social Media. Then we got an Editor's Choice in the Health/Fitness category from CBS Miami for its Most Valuable Blogger list. I told her that I appreciated the fact that the first list pointed out our blog's honesty. Not sugar-coating the weight-loss process is important (and who needs that extra sugar?).

So we circle back to the first quote of this post: "This week I'd like you to be as honest with your food diary as you are with your blog."

Oh, you mean the two spoonfuls of cottage cheese and the handful of Rice Chex and the cheese stick that I didn't bother writing down today because they weren't an official meal and just happened to fall into my piehole?

(OK, inputting them into Lose It right now ...)

So while I'm all about not being a fraud or a liar or a hypocrite or inauthentic to you, I need to put that into practice for myself as well.

Just because you don't write it down doesn't mean it didn't get eaten.