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Ladies and gentlemen ... PRE. BABY. WEIGHT.

Get Fit Friday: Fight fire with fire

There comes a time in a girl's life when she has "the talk" with mom:

Hotflashes Me: "So I get all flaming hot for like a minute, then it goes away." 

Mom (and aunt, they're identical twins): "Yep, that's a hot flash." 

Me: "And you get all sweaty?" 

Mom & aunt: "Just ignore them."

Yay, hot flashes. At least I'm not dying.

Seriously, before it hit me that these little episodes are part of "growing up" (heh, heh), I didn't know what was going on. My first response is to exercise like mad, just to prove that I'm not having a heart attack. And when I do that, and I discover that the exercise makes me feel better, I come to the depressing realization that it's most probably perimenopause. (I'm definitely not a medical professional, so don't try that at home.)

I am 49, after all, prime time for this nonsense to begin.

So what do I do about the flame-ups? Simple -- just stay hot and sweaty. That way I'll never know when I'm having a flash. And apparently, moderate exercise can alleviate hot flashes. I decided some months ago that there were no excuses for working out outdoors. Hot? Too bad, go for a walk. And now I actually enjoy the buckets of sweat and the heat.

Makes me feel like I'm stronger than the swampiness.

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