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Motivation Monday: What's working

  Still floating on the high of losing two more pounds this week, I was thinking about why it's working right now. It really boils down to one thing:

Thumbs_up_largeNot lying to myself.

I was making a list of the things I was doing regularly -- writing everything down in my Fitbook, checking my activity with my BodyMediaFIT, weighing first thing every day -- and I saw a pattern.

I was being accountable and truthful -- not to a "weigh-in lady," not to an online message board, not to a trainer but to myself.

It's easy to forget to write down that handful of cereal or to blow off a workout or blame "water weight" on a scale fail.

But when I'm really on top of things, it's super easy to autocorrect. Eat out one night and the scale goes up. But I know it's sodium bloat so I'll eat less salt and more water the next day and that'll fix itself. Skip a workout and the scale stays the same. Workout the next day and see what happens.

I know "they say" not to weigh yourself every day, but it's working for me. For every action I do the day before, I immediately see the results of those actions the next morning on the scale. It's not stressing me out like a weekly weigh-in would do. The drops or rises are small and can be corrrected if they go up and continued if they go down.

I have no patience for the "drumroll please" drama of a weekly weigh-in. I don't want to go an entire week to see how I did. Back in the day, if the scale would go up, I had a bad week. By checking in every day, I get immediate feedback. Quarter pound up? No problem. Quarter pound down? Awesome, keep going.

And checking in with my food journal and activity monitor helps by letting me know how much activity and food I can take in and make the scale go down. I used to stress about not working out on Sundays but then I checked my BodyMediaFIT and found that my weekly power shop at the grocery store burns serious calories so I'm good with that bit of functional fitness.

So don't be surprised if this week I do a "stop the presses" post when I get to the BIG, FREAKING MILESTONE. That would be pre-baby weight. And since I just sent off "the baby" to his first day of seventh grade, it's about damn time.