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Wordy Wednesday: Scale junkie

(This was supposed to be a Motivation Monday post but I got too busy to write, so I decided to write Tuesday night, and now it's officially Wednesday, so here ya go!)

Scale ladyClip-art lady is thrilled! to step on the scale.

I lost 1.5 pounds this past week.


And y'know what kept me on the straight and narrow? Stepping on the scale every morning.

I know, I know. Frequent weighing is controversial. I've heard the reasons why you shouldn't:

  • Weight fluctuates from day to day depending on hormones (and doughnuts).
  • You'll make yourself neurotic stepping on the scale every day.
  • Don't gauge your self worth on a number.

Then again, many people on the National Weight Control Registry who have successfully maintained their weight report that they weigh themselves daily.

I was weighing myself once a week and it was fraught with neuroticism. First thing in the morning or after the bathroom? Same clothes every time or naked? Drink a cup of coffee, piss out the coffee and excess water and then weigh?

You get the drift.

So last Monday, the Weight Shrink suggested that I step on the scale first thing every morning to check in with myself. I was skeptical but I did it anyway, jotting down the number in the Notes section of my Fitbook.

And frankly, I don't think hormones had anything to do with the number. I found that when I exercised and kept my calories under control, the scale would tick down a bit. If I ate out the night before, the scale would tick up a bit. And when the scale did go up, it didn't discourage me. Instead, it made me work that much harder to get the scale to go the other way.

And I lost weight -- first time in a long time.

I thought that weighing myself would stress me out but instead it did the opposite -- I got immediate feedback on how I was doing on my plan.

I didn't hang up on the number -- that's all it was, a number. One that could go up or down depending on my actions the day before.

Who knew weighing yourself every day could be so freeing?

And now for that Fiber One giveaway winner

I'm about a week late announcing the winner, but it is "Mommy15" (you've been emailed).