Wordless Wednesday: Awesome workout shirt of the day
Go-to lunches, and a Fiber One giveaway

Motivation Monday: Holy functional fitness, Batman!

Hey, I've been away from the blog for a bit, but we've been transforming the kid's room on the cusp of his 13th birthday.


Yep, tomorrow we'll be in possession of a teenager. And he was none too pleased that his bedroom sported alphabet wallpaper border and a giant Todd Parr rocketship Wallie. While the rocketship was cute, it was mortifying to a budding adult.

Andrews room Wednesday was wallpaper removal/painting day, Thursday was new wallpaper day, Friday was move-the-furniture back day and Saturday was hang-up-the-pictures day. We didn't do the Wednesday-Thursday stuff -- we hired professionals for that -- but the kid and I shoved the furniture back into place and hoisted drawers full of clothes back into his room. And I unleashed my inner Nate Berkus and put his pictures back up. (That's part of his room, at left. Behr Mountain Haze paint from Home Depot -- a hazy green.)

And while I thought I was getting quite the kick-azz workout with the ChaLean Extreme program I started last week, my BodyMedia FIT showed me an interesting stat: Each day, I burned more on the room stuff than I did on the workout days. A lot more.

Apparently Susie Homemaker was quite fit.

I've been trying to come up with more ways to be active during the day, especially since that recent study that showed long periods of sitting are hazardous to your health, even if you workout every day. I work from home, so my commute is from the bedroom to the kitchen to the home office. There's no parking lot schlep, no stair climbing, no down-the-street coffee runs.

I think, from now on, I'm going to mix in a little more housecleaning with my workouts during ther day. Vacuuming, kitchen floor mopping and laundry basket flinging during the day will do me some good as well as the house.

Tomorrow we'll get back to those go-to meals. Today's go-to lunch was a leftover turkey hot dog in solidarity with those meat-smooshing men and women of the Nathan's hot dog eating contest. I highly recommend Applegate Farms' uncured turkey hot dogs -- only 40 calories and no nitrates.

Zumba winners!

Gemma and Denise won the Zumba DVDs and I've sent out emails to them. But don't worry, I've got some other things up my sleeve to give away soon.