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Black coffee

8 a.m.: I'm in my office working, staring at a big, steaming mug of coffee. It's black. I look for help on Twitter.

@its_gail: I'm staring at a big mug of black coffee, trying to see if I can drink "naked coffee."

Anda from Leaving Fatville chimes in with support.

@leavingfatville: It's easier than you think. 4 big sips.

@its_gail: Here we go! {Slurp...}

@leavingfatville: YOU CAN DO IT!

@its_gail: It's actually really good. Starbucks Cafe Verona. Very chocolatey.

@its_gail: That's a good one to start black coffee with, it's easy to find the flavor in it.

So I drank it, black and unadorned. And it was good, even better than my attempts at lowering the calorie count by using almond milk. That was OK but kinda thin, although it makes a good latte.

The almond milk in the coffee was a wishy-washy compromise, and since one of my "food rules" is to only eat what I love, I wasn't loving my coffee.

The Big Baby voice in my head suggested we take baby steps and stir in some sugar as a step down. Big Baby likes to take baby steps.

But I took big girl steps and drank it black.

Turns out you can really catch the nuances in the coffee that way. The Cafe Verona is strong but has sweet and chocolate flavors. Other coffees describe themselves as smoky, floral or toasty. I'm looking forward to exploring those, for next to zero calories.

I've gotta make more big girl steps if I'm going to get anywhere.