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Motivation Monday: What is Project 150?

A few months ago, I fired up the ol' Photoshop and added the Project 150 faux rubberstamp to our blog header but didn't really explain what it was doing up there.

Here's what it's doing up there.

After consulting with height-weight charts, BMI (boo!) charts and whatnot, I decided that 150 pounds is what I am shooting for. I haven't weighed that since probably high school but it's not some crazy number -- I'm pretty sure it's attainable.

But it could be really difficult, and hey, I'm up to the task.

  I have never been at any sort of "goal weight" in my life:

  • SSkettlebellsI entered my first Weight Watchers at age 10 at 5-foot-1 and 126 pounds (my goal was 110 if I remember correctly)
  • I graduated high school around 150 pounds and thinking I was huge
  • I graduated college around 160, taking advantage of the University of Florida's weight room
  • I got married at 180 pounds (a size 12 for me)
  • My pre-baby weight was 235 pounds (just a few pounds away as the "baby" prepares to finish 6th grade)

I don't look at 150 as the "goal" because what happens when someone reaches "goal" -- is the fight over? The war won? 

Nope -- the battle continues. I don't think I'll ever be able to effortlessly keep weight off. I don't know anyone who can.

Karen C.L. Anderson, who was at this year's (and last year's) Fitbloggin', has as her blog's tagline the phrase: Because the journey never ends and "after" is an illusion. 


She also recently wrote the book After The Before & After, which explains what happens after achieving her "weight loss success." Karen’s belief is that weight shouldn’t be a life-long struggle, which is why I want to get the excess weight "off the table" ASAP and stop struggling. Maintenance, I believe, won't be struggling. Instead it'll just be something I do to keep myself healthy and happy.

I don't eat crap. I love healthy foods and I also (really!) love exercise, although I love other things more and have to push myself to start exercising. But once I'm doing it and done with it, I love how it makes me feel.

I used to think that people who say they love to exercise are a bunch of liars. But I was wrong -- I totally get that now. (More about that another day.)

So Project 150 is just that -- my project. One I intend to finish sooner rather than later.

And if you want to have your own Project 150 jpeg of your own, let me know and I'll shoot one over to ya!

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