It's a funky, get-fit, free Zumba workout Friday
Wordless Wednesday: Simply red

Motivation Monday: I need this kid to motivate me

The video was already great on its own but when the Gregory Brothers "songified" it, it's now an anthem to overcoming obstacles.

I need this kid to stand in the corner and sing this to me when I think that I can't finish a tough workout:

And here's the bonus version, with Evan Gregory's wife, Sarah, singing karaoke:


And over on Shrinking Sisters Reviews ...

Check out my post on what I learned in a recent webinar with the folks from Gatorade. If you have young athletes in summer camp (just sent mine to baseball camp) you'll be interested in how to keep them hydrated in all this heat. I'm also giving away one $100 gift card to Dick's Sporting Goods.