Wordless Wednesday: Simply red
Go-to meals: Breakfast edition

Internal Dialogue Theater: TurboFire edition

Like I often do, I gave myself very little time to workout before my trip to the dentist.

"What's the hardest workout I can do in 30 minutes?" I asked myself.

Wimpy Me: "Well, there's that nice walking workout you did yesterday."

Godzilla Me: "Did you not hear the question? What's the HARDEST workout I can do in 30 minutes? You still have your morning caffeine coursing through your system, so use it for good and not evil."

Turbofire So I turned to the TurboFire DVDs (the ones that have a big red WARNING on the screen before they begin) and pulled out the "Fire 30" workout.

Wimpy Me: "Do you think you can handle TurboFire? You're a fat girl, and the people in those DVDs are all ripped."

Godzilla Me: "It's only 30 minutes. Do the modifications! You can do it. Stop selling yourself short."

Sometimes Godzilla Me can be very uplifting.

So I did the TurboFire DVD and guess what? Once again I didn't die, melt or spontaneously combust.

But I jumped into the shower too quickly and had the dreaded "after-shower sweat," which was discussed yesterday on Twitter. That's when you shower too quickly after a tough workout and even though you took a shower you're still sweating.

Not stinky but "glowing."

So, lesson learned: I can do "hard."

And over on Shrinking Sisters Reviews ...

Check out my post on what I learned in a webinar with the folks from Gatorade. If you have young athletes in summer camp you'll be interested in how to keep them hydrated in all this heat. I'm also giving away one $100 gift card to Dick's Sporting Goods. You've got 'til the end of June to enter.

And win a free Zumba DVD!

My Zumba DVD giveaway officially ended yesterday but I have two DVDs to give and only one comment. So I'm extending the deadline 'til June 24 -- Funky Friday.