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Wordless Wednesday: Ridiculous workout shirt

Motivation Monday: Hey, it's Mo!


I haven't seen Mo in quite awhile. Mo hung out with me last summer and helped me lose 10 pounds. Then Mo checked out (did I chase Mo away?) and left me on a long, long plateau.

But a couple weeks ago, there were signs that Mo was returning. I took Mo with me to Fitbloggin last weekend and we had a great time walking, doing Zumba, eating healthy foods and learning from fellow healthy living bloggers.

Last Monday, the day after getting back from Baltimore, I weighed in and discovered I had lost 3 pounds -- in one week. That's HUGE for me. And then this morning I got back on the scale and lost another pound.

That's 4 pounds in two weeks. Mo, aka Big Mo or Momentum, was quite pleased with the results.

Mo says he's gonna stick around but he's temperamental -- I can't piss him off. He doesn't like sabotage or mindless eating or lack of preparation or lame excuses not to exercise.

Mo says just because I lost 4 pounds doesn't mean I need to celebrate with a "cheat day" or some such nonsense. That's a surefire way to make Mo leave.

Mo says nothing tastes as good as success, so I'm going to respect Mo and keep this ball rolling.

I really like Momentum and need him to stick around awhile longer.

Here's a Fitbloggin' video I found on Skinny Emmie's blog. It was the Day 1 Zumba class, which was after the 5K. It totally captures the fun and sweaty energy of the day (and my caboose at the far right).