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Motivation Monday: A few of your favorite things

Carrotsncakebook Thanks, everyone, for your great Diet Champion foods that I asked for last week. I spun my office chair around, closed my eyes and randomly chose Lauren F (of the blog Sugar, Spice and Daisies) as the winner of the new book Carrots 'n' Cake by blogger Tina Haupert.

Your ideas were so delish I thought I'd share them with everyone.

Katie: Greek yogurt and oatmeal mixed with nut butter are my go-tos!

Gabriela: Definitely roasted kabocha pumpkin! Full of vitamins, but low-cal.

Leanne: Mine is definitely Laughing Cow Light cheese -- add it to any regular diet staple and it tastes great! I like it with turkey, celerey, eggs, pretty much anything.

Emily: Bran muffins...filling and full of fiber!

Dynamics: My diet champion food is one egg and 1/2 cup egg whites. Keeps me going all morning. Only takes a minute or two to prepare. In a hurry, just pop in 1/2 cup egg whites in micro for a minute or two.

Lauren F: My diet champion food is Greek yogurt. I mix it with fruit and honey. It's tasty and filling!

Nicole: I like filling up on fruits when trying to watch my calories. Sweet, full of natural sugars and just plain good!

Milu: When I am craving something and usually are sweets... I cut some strawberries and dip them on COCOA Powder, put it in the refrigerator and it tastes like Heaven!

Moves n Munchies: I'm SOO with you on almonds and pistachios.. they are my FAVVV nuts along with cashews and walnuts! some of my fav things are peanut butter, veggies, bananas!

SamanthaAngela: My diet champion food is probably fresh pineapple. I have a major sweet tooth and pineapple definitely satisfies my sugar cravings. Also I can eat and ENTIRE pineapple for the same calories as a piece of cake.