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A rant: America needs unwrapped candy like it needs another chin

Candy ad

Feast your eyes on the ad above, which I found in today's coupon circular.

Oh, thank goodness someone came up with a way to take those pesky and time-consuming wrappers off candy and miniaturize them so that consumers can shove fistfuls in their pie holes while watching TV.

Better yet: Strap the bag to your head, feedbag style.

Ever hear of Brian Wansink? He wrote a book a few years back called Mindless Eating, which outlines how people are snookered into buying and eating food in ways they are unaware. One of his studies was to serve people chicken wings, in two different ways: In one scenerio, the waiter would haul away the gnawed-off chicken bones as people would finish them. At the other table, the remains of the day would stay on the table.

Guess which table ate more chicken wings? Yep, the one without the "evidence."

It's actually a good thing to individually wrap candy. You have physical proof, then, that you gobbled down five Reese's Peanut Butter Cups. All you have left with those Minis is one small, empty bag.

"Oh, but they're so cute and tiny, just like baby candy!" Bully for you if you can nibble a couple pieces and put the bag away (at least the bag is resealable). My guess is that you can't -- can't, can't, can't.

Why does candy have to be convenient? Isn't it convenient enough, showing up in hardware store checkout lanes and office supply stores?

Real conversation last week:

Me: "I'm going to pick up some printer ink. I'll be right back."

The kid: "Pick me up some Combos!"

Why does my kid know that the local OfficeMax is where you pick up printer ink and snack food?

Snack food needs to be less convenient.

/end rant

Here's that chicken wing study: