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Shaking off the rust, blowing off the dust

Photo: Mila Zinkova, via Wikimedia

Y'know that morning phenomenon known as the "marine layer"? If you've ever been to coastal California you've seen the pea-soupy fog that hangs over the area until the sunshine burns it off.

My "marine layer" finally burned off yesterday.

Not to bog you down with the details, but I had the flu for a week, then midway through the next week, I developed something called "post-viral arthralgia." I describe it as getting hit with the arthritis truck. Every joint in my body was swollen and sore. But after a week of steroids and more Aleve than usual, I'm finally feeling normal again, and yesterday laced up the walking shoes for 30 minutes in the park.

I started out with achy ankles but after about, oh 60 seconds, the discomfort went away. Best thing I did all week.

It's also why I haven't blogged much lately -- my wrists were killing me and you should have seen my left middle finger knuckle!

I have a whole new respect for people who live with severe arthritis. I have a little in my right big toe and more in my neck, but exercise and massage keep those at bay. But this past week I got a taste of what arthritic ankles and knees feel like, and I really don't want to experience that again.

Excess weight and inflammation from a bad diet can speed the progression of arthritis, especially in the lower extremities. So I have a renewed desire to get the weight off ASAP. It was like something from A Christmas Carol, with a visit from The Ghost of Joints Yet to Come.

Because while arthralgia most often gets better and goes away, arthritis is a gift that keeps on giving.

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