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The scale's moving again: Was it the vegetables?

Wordy Wednesday: Taming the monsters

So normally I do the Wordless Wednesday thing, posting some fun photo without writing anything.

But I've been doing too much "unwriting" lately and so there are words today.

I've been super busy with my part-time editing job and often by the time I'm done with that, I can barely see straight. Seriously, it's called "computer vision syndrome" and leaves my eyes strained, dried out and bleary. (Don't worry, it isn't anything more serious. I went to the eye doc and she said "it's the computer." Great, tell that to a blogger.)

The scale has been stuck, and frankly, I've been putting too much emphasis on a number. In fact, my fancy body fat-bone density-water weight bathroom scale just up and died this week, AND I'M NOT REPLACING IT!

Too many arcane numbers to obsess over. So I'm back to the scale that just displays poundage (we had three scales in the house -- ridiculous.)


I have slayed the ice cream monster and now the cereal monster. Every day for the past few weeks I have been ticking off the days that I have avoided diving into the ice cream in the kitchen freezer. Three pints have been avoided, and I do believe I'm cured, or at least under control.

No cereal

Now, onto the cereal. We have a lot of it in the house, and I often will grab a box while watching TV and graze away. Cereal's not a bad food, but it becomes dangerous for me when I'm shoving fistfuls into my pie hole for a couple hours.

I have been cereal free since Saturday, and I no longer feel its pull. I'll give myself another week before I declare victory, but it feels fixed.

Food addiction -- I totally have it. Even when I'm not actually eating, I'm rearranging my pantry or cleaning out the fridge or thinking about what to make for dinner.

The thing that seems to be working for me (right now) is to attack each "binge-y" food separately. First it was ice cream, now it's cereal. What will it be next? I really don't know.

What's your danger food? Do you have it under control?