Wordy Wednesday: Taming the monsters
Wordless, uh, Thursday: I kinda love this video

The scale's moving again: Was it the vegetables?

I had been boycotting my scale for a couple weeks because I stepped on it while feeling good about myself and the number didn't reflect what I thought it should (does that make sense?).

So, after a week of making wise choices, not rummaging through the kitchen at night and stepping up my exercise, I stepped on the scale yesterday morning and saw I was back in the 30s again.

Otherwise known as the bottom of the see-saw.

I'm determined not to see the top of the see-saw ever again, so I'm going to keep doing what I'm doing:

Broccoli mountain Food: Eating my planned menu (Nutrisystem; more on that HERE), drinking more water and/or unsweetened teas, and not being shy with the vegetables. Nearly every night last week I sent my husband fleeing from the living room when I entered with a steaming pile of cauliflower. I've been slaying the ice cream and cereal monsters, so big, smelly bowls of cruciferous vegetables have been my substitute, with an occasional sugar-free Jell-O to tame the sweet cravings.

Slim-in-6 Exercise: More, more, more! And I don't mean hours and hours every day. All I'm doing is upping the frequency of my workouts and adding in more resistance workouts. I had been leaning heavily on cardio and it was keeping me healthy but not happy on the scale. Once I started doing more squatty, lungy workouts, I saw and felt myself getting firmer and smaller. Since having my meals be a bit of a no-brainer seems to be working, I decided this week to do that with my workouts, so I pulled out the trusty Slim in 6 DVD set. No stressing over which workout to do -- I'm just doing that, and for once I'm going to do all six weeks.

Do you have any plateau busters? What are they?