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Check out my haul! Relax, it's brussels sprouts

Costco produce haul

Y'know those bloggers who write and vlog about all the cool clothes, shoes and beauty products they just bought? Consider this my "haul blog."

I went to Costco last week and got carried away in the produce department -- both fresh and frozen.

Two pounds of brussels sprouts, a big bag of mini cukes (which you can eat skin and all), a clamshell container of mini lettuces, fresh pico de gallo, and huge bags of frozen blueberries, mixed berries and organic broccoli.

It's part of my plan to turn to fruits and veggies to bulk up my diet. (And the broccoli also crowds out room for ice cream.) And since I hate throwing anything out, the clock is ticking on the fresh stuff, so it's giant salads for lunch every day, like this:

Big salad

I also threw in a cup of strawberries, which I didn't eat at breakfast. Besides being loaded with fiber, all that produce is full of water. Water + fiber = FULL!

My diet goal this week is to eat some sort of gigantic salad at either lunch or dinner.

Hidden valley ranch bottle But what can you put on a giant salad? Here's what I'm digging lately, my two-ingredient creamy ranch dressing/dip. It's nonfat plain Greek yogurt mixed with Hidden Valley ranch dressing mix. Since I get a dairy/protein serving at lunch, I can have a container of plain nonfat Greek yogurt, which makes for a whole lot of dressing. (You can thin it out a bit with white vinegar.)

And instead of the non-resealable mix packets, I've started to find these cool jars of ranch dressing mix at the store. You can measure it into your yogurt or you can sprinkle it on veggies. (Luigi and Mario give it two thumbs up!)

Question of the week (yes, this is new): What do you put in your giant salads?