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Wordless Wednesday: A handy reminder

Produce of the Month: Broccoli (with comedy bonus!)

Had to share this clip from last night's episode of The Office. Kevin's New Year's resolution is to eat more vegetables. Michael, who wanted everyone to really make good on their promises, "helped" Kevin:

Too extreme?

fresh broccoli I happen to love broccoli -- not so much raw, though. When my mom put out a vegetable tray over the weekend, there were florets of raw broccoli and cauliflower in it. I tried to gnaw on the raw broccoli but wasn't loving it. So I microwaved it.

Make vegetables work for you -- cook 'em if you don't like them raw. Or try them raw instead of cooked -- sugar snap peas and snowpeas are great that way.

And if you can't find fresh, go for frozen. Many times the nutritional value is higher than the fresh stuff that's been languishing in the produce department for days. Frozen chopped broccoli can be added to omelets, pasta sauce and even meatloaf.

But, yeah, those broccoli stems can be a hard sell. Most people enjoy the "fluffy parts." I wouldn't suggest munching them like Kevin did, but if you peel them, discard the woody part and slice them very thinly, they make a great addition to stir-fries.