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Some bloggy love to the reborn The Skinny


Our old logo (and yeah, I repurposed my tag line).

Back in 2006, I thought it'd be a good idea to start a weight-loss blog at the newspaper where I worked as a features copy editor. I enlisted the aid of my pod-mate Laura and we got to work writing sample posts, mission statements, titles and taglines and designing logos.

For some reason I'll never understand, we ran into resistance from a senior editor who said we were making light of a serious subject -- weight loss. She wanted more gravitas in our blog posts.

To which I thumbed my nose and made raspberry noises.

She stalled and stalled, we pushed and pushed, and finally, in September 2007, we were able to give birth to our blog, which we called The Skinny. Here's a little of wnat we originally wrote:

From Laura: "...Let’s share our experiences and adapt what we learn here to our ongoing efforts to get fit and eat right. Failures too, because they count as lessons learned ... and sometimes they are inadvertantly hilarious."

From me: "I can make sure my dog eats exactly 2 cups of puppy food a day. I can tell my son to eat apple slices instead of doughnuts. Both my puppy and my son are exactly the weight they should be. So what about me? Why do I weigh as much as a Miami Dolphins linebacker? When you hit your 40s, losing weight can be one of the hardest things you'll ever do, but as my doctor said to me recently "it can be done." And why not do it in front of everyone?"

The blog became an immediate hit, and with less than a year's worth of content we won second place in the 2008 Florida Society of Newspaper Editors Awards for Best Blog/Online Commentary.

Then in July 2008 I got laid off and Laura took a buyout a few months after that, and The Skinny stood frozen in cyberspace. The Sun Sentinel kept it floating in the ether because even without us writing it was one of the most popular blogs at the paper.

After an attempt to restart The Skinny with a writer who frankly turned it into a fail blog, it is now back with three very good writers, who I hope will carry the torch that Laura and I first ignited.

You should check them out.