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Nutritious breakfast on the cheap

PbjSince my layoff 18 months ago, my grocery shopping motto has been, "If it's cheap, consider it. If it's cheap and nutritious, it goes in the cart."

But breakfast can be a tough one. BOGO cereals tend toward the sugary, and making a plate of eggs every day gets real tedious, real quick.

My breakfast on a dime solution is peanut butter. I buy all-natural peanut butter with no sugar added (Publix sells an inexpensive generic brand that fits my budget). Then, a good wheat bread with extra fiber and protein (my fave is Nature's Own Double Fiber Wheat Bread, which runs $3.09 at my Publix but is now available at my Dollar General store for .... $1. With kids in the house, it's easy to devour a loaf that's closer to expiring than the loaves at the grocery store.

That's a deal for a good start to the day.