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Get Fit Friday: Not stressing, just doing it

I've been a bit busy the past week, working on some extra stuff and trying to keep on top of the housework so I skipped a couple days of exercise.

But I'm not freaking out about it because so far this week I've logged 150 minutes of exercise and there's still the weekend.

I signed up for a 9 a.m. Sunday Bodypump class so that'll be sure to incinerate a ton of calories plus build muscle.

Like I've mentioned before, I tend to make things more difficult than they need to be. I overthink things, read too many scientific studies, get too many diet books, too many DVDs. All I need to do is DO IT!

That was reinforced this week with a post on Roni's Weigh. Roni posted a link to a radio interview with weight-loss blogger Sean Anderson who has lost 275 pounds. The radio interview is really worth a listen. Aside from the fact that Sean works in radio and has a great communicating style, he talks about how he finally found success after he decided to simplify the process.

He also had a tendency to make things more difficult than they needed to be so he devised a Calorie Bank & Trust. He gives himself 1,500 calories a day and can choose to use those calories however he wants -- nothing's off limits. He also keeps his exercise simple -- he started out walking and now completes 5ks and 10ks.

My simple plan today was to lace up my sneaks and simply take a walk around the neighborhood for an hour. No heart-rate monitor, no pedometer -- just me, my iPod and my shades.

On the way back, my "victory lap" song was Past My Shades by B.o.B. I did some running during my walk, so I was feeling particularly bad-ass. So here's your Funky Friday jam with the proviso to keep it simple (and keep it funky):